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Hilarious things you’ll get if watching TV shows is your all time favorite thing to do!

“What would my life have been if not for TV shows?” *gasp* A world without drama that is not our own, without fictional characters we love getting way too invested in, without one-liners we’d love flaunting on our T-shirts? Bah, I don’t want that world.

TV shows are LIFE! And that’s not even an exaggerated thing to say, because TV shows are literally life, and all the awesome, annoying, weird, wonderful things and people that come with it. So if you feel like the title ‘Supreme TV Show Buff’ belongs on your CV, you will definitely relate to these hilarious things!

1. You are a walking, talking ‘TV show recommendation machine’ that is always ON.

2. You use a ton of TV references in your conversations because they are sometimes the ONLY way you know to explain real-life situations.


3. If you’re currently in love with a new TV show, all other plans will, and I repeat, WILL be cancelled. You don’t just stop a binge-watch midway…


4. You look at the variety of shows Amazon Prime Video has and to you, it’s like being in Candyland


5. You make (and sometimes choose) your new friends on the basis of the TV shows they watch.


6. Sometimes, TV show characters make you wonder why the people in your life couldn’t be as hilarious.


7. You sometimes wake up at night in a panic, worrying about all the amazing shows you haven’t watched yet!


8. You love to ‘ship’! And no, you don’t mean the marine vessel. You mean the obsessive NEED for your favourite characters to date already!


9. People better not challenge you to a debate about your favourite TV shows, because oh boy, they’re going DOWN!


10. You get a mini heart attack whenever you spot your favourite stars from different shows, getting together for a new show!


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