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Hotel owner arrested for making videos and blackmailing women
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Hotel owner arrested for making videos and blackmailing women

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Islamabad’s cybercrime division has arrested an owner of a hotel in Vehari for hiding cameras in changing rooms, filming them and then blackmailing women for money and sexual favors.

Cybercrime wing of FIA made a move after a lady grumbled about the lodging proprietor. The lady told that Amjad, the lodging proprietor, covertly recorded her videos and coerced her. He additionally debilitated her that on the off chance that she goes to the police or documents a protestation against him, she should confront serious results.

Upon the dissension, FIA led an assault at the inn, arranged in Vehari, and found a few shrouded cameras in evolving rooms. The organization captured the proprietor and is further exploring whether a composed system is included or not.

This isn’t the first occasion when that hidden cameras have been found in changing rooms. Half a month back people found a concealed man at a Gul Ahmed outlet in Karachi too.

This entire embarrassment got media’s consideration when concealed cameras were found in changing rooms of Levi’s store in Faisalabad.

Police, from that point onward, captured a few representatives of these outlets and framed groups to examine further. In strikes of a comparative kind, police discovered many shops subtly recording the changing rooms through hidden cameras.

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