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Iman Ali’s recent photo-shoot creates an uproar on social media

Staying out of the limelight, Iman Ali made quite a come back with her recent shoot featured with Shahzad Noor and might I say, it has definitely and literally caused FIRE across social media!

As Shahzad Noor, an upcoming Pakistani model, posted photos from a Faraz Mannan photo-shoot on his Instagram account. And it surely didn’t take long for Pakistanis across the country on social media to make an uproar when they saw the picture that has now been removed but exists in other places on social media.

Senssational Photoshoot of Gorgeous Iman ali and Shahzad Noor .

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The controversy didn’t stop there, as pictures from this photo-shoot kept spreading:


Here’s what people had to say:

No matter how modern we become, but there are some limits that out culture simply doesn’t allow us to cross and this photo-shoot surely crosses that line. And only Iman Ali and Shahzad Noor are not to be blamed and bashed but the photographer, designer and especially the choreographer of the entire shoot.

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