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Is this bromance in trouble? Ducky Bhai and Zaid Ali T are fighting it out in a new feud!

Few days back Ducky Bhai uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he roasted Zaid Ali T and claimed that Zaid doesn’t know a thing about gaming (PUBG Mobile). However, without much ado, Zaid responded back and roasted Ducky Bhai ultimately resulting in a needless social media war that took hype in no time. I mean what could be the reason behind this social media war? All we can figure out is that the two YouTubers may be on the urge to get more views and subscribers on their gaming channels, but is this really the right way to do so?

The recent war between Ducky Bhai and Zaid Ali isn’t coming slow. It has caught fire on social media as fans and followers updated various posts and tweets supporting their favourite vlogger as seen here:

Fans supporting Ducky Bhai have been out bashing Zaid Ali T on social media with trending hashtags #ZaidAli, #Ducky and #GameUtha. It seems the fans are also waiting to see the vloggers raise the bar in this much hyped phadda!

Nonetheless, we saw an equal firing response from fans supporting Zaid Ali T and things are simply not coming slow!

And ofcourse, there were some who were just in it for the laughs and the comments that their fans were pooling in.

All we can think is whether there is any way to settle this feud once and for all…however, we would only suggest both of them to support each other and grow the gaming community together rather than bash each other in the race to top it off. Let’s just wait and watch what more there is to see in this much hyped fire by the two YouTubers.

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