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Johnny Depp’s aggressive messages to Amber Heard are revealed

Earlier, Amber Heard, the former wife of Hollywood screen idol Johnny Depp released a secret video online in which the star actor can be seen losing his temper and smashing wine glass while fighting with estranged wife.

The 1 minute 37 seconds long clip featured the 53-year-old actor going berserk, in the kitchen, during a fight with her 30-year-old wife Heard.

The clip opened with the actor smashing cabinets and cursing as Heard asks him again and again “What happened?”.

Now, Amber has revealed texts that can be proof to the fact that Johnny was aggressive towards her.

In the texts, sent in May 25, 2014, he taunted her for filming The Adderall Diaries with James Franco, a movie she said she needed to take part in for the paycheck.

The exchange occurred at a time when, Heard claims, Depp had returned to drinking and using drugs. They met when he was sober, she says.

The pair had just been involved in a violent fight on board a private jet from Boston to New York.

He first texts her to apologize, saying that he had found himself in a place of ‘deep regret and shame’ but when she did not reply within two hours, he texted her again.

‘I see that understanding and forgiveness ain’t on the menu. I’m disappointed to see that but not too surprised,’ he said.

She replied: ‘No, I don’t, but it is alright and could work.’

She went on to explain that she had taken the movie because she needed the paycheck and that Depp did not understand that.

‘Just cuz it’s not “a money job” doesn’t mean I don’t need the money it will pay…I’m in a tough situation right now and need the work. I know you forget how that feels but please try to understand,’ she said.

She went on: ‘What I don’t want to loose (sic) is a paycheck I need. Tht (sic) my parents need. That’s it. I work. This is my job.

‘Unfortunately, I need to work because I’m in a tight spot. But I held off saying a decision – in either direction – because of you.

‘And your feelings and our conversations (which we have yet to be able to really have) about it.’

‘Wouldn’t you just want that from me? Would you do that exact thing for me?’

He shot back: ‘Were you hoping for my opinion on the James Franco piece??

‘I’d rather you didn’t stoop to that level, but… you’ve already told me how much you like the material and that it’s not a money gig… So… it’s “art”… I’m not gonna tackle that greased up piggy….No m’am…You have to do that film!!! You really want it, obviously… I’m going to sleep. Goodnight…’

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