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Junaid Khan makes a leap with a negative character in latest drama “Hania”

Junaid Khan will be seen in a completely new avatar, as he would be playing a negative character in his latest drama serial “Hania” that is ready to go on air soon on ARY Digital.

It is the first time that the audience will see Junaid Khan in a dark persona of an abusive husband to Zoya Nasir. While Junaid has played several characters that have been semi-negative, this will be his first as an antagonist. Junaid Khan is not only playing the part but also hugely looking the part.

While talking to the media about his character, Khan said, “I want to challenge myself in every role I choose, “Hania” is a new turn as I have never played a character that has no grey shades but is completely and blatantly dark and aggressive, with motives that match his personality.”

Khan added by saying, “The story of “Hania” also highlights a common problem that’s deeply rooted in our society, with the girl’s parents not asking about family history and only see a family’s wealth when they are marrying their daughters off. This is actually turning out to be a major issue that needs to be addressed.”

The drama is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Door Way entertainment. The cast members include Osama Tahir, Tanvir Jamal, Marium Mirza, Ghana Ali, Wasim Abbas, Fordous Jamal and Hassan Ahmed.

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