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Kendall Jenner becomes the wealthiest Instagram influencer of 2019

Super model Kendall Jenner just took the fist spot as the highest earning Instagram influencer in 2019, above sister and make-up mogul Kylie Jenner.

The Kar-Jenner clan took three spots in the top-5, with Kendall taking the top spot, Kylie coming in at third and Khloe Kardashian being the fourth, reported Hollywood Life, quoting a list compiled by Buzz Bingo.

While Kendall does not command a higher sum than her younger sister for sponsored posts, she still managed to rake in more money this year. The runway sensation managed the feat thanks to an increased amount of sponsored posts on her page.

While Kylie commands $1.27 million for a single sponsored post, Kendall makes around $611,000. Despite this, Kendall made $15.9 million from Instagram posts and Kylie scooped up $3.8 million. This is because Kylie only made 3 sponsored posts this year while Kendall posted 26.

Talk about smart money moves!

The towering beauty, who has a staggering number of Instagram followers – 120 million to be exact – is the face of a number of high fashion brands currently, which make up for most of her Instagram posts.

When she is not posting about her high-life with her model friends, she’s busy promoting the brands she models for, which include Calvin KleinValentino, Chanel, Givenchy, and Balmain etc. to name a few.

According to Buzz Bingo‘s analysis, the other two starlets to make it on to the list are Selena Gomez who came in at number two and Priyanka Chopra who rounded off the top five.

Selena earned about $8.0 million from nine sponsored posts while Priyanka bagged $1.1 million thanks to a total of four paid posts on her account.

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