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Kick start your day with the fruity flavor that will best suit your personality
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Kick start your day with the fruity flavor that will best suit your personality

The recent Dairy fresh Tvc has proved itself to be on the top of the list than all other Beverage’s Tvcs, not only it is far more healthier than those frizzy drinks that effects your health claiming to be energy boosters. But it’s much more than that, making you energetic enough to reveal your inner craziness. And the best part is, its not only categorized to little kiddos but every teenager and youngsters can enjoy it and feel a little too much cool about it. So in short its something that will make you have “DOODH with some ATTITUDE.” Cool no? We are excited too just like you.

But have you ever imagine that each personality trait is defined by the flavour of your morning glass of milk? I guess not! So, here’s for you to see which flavor of milk actually defines your personality, beginning with that perfect start of the day:

Chocolate – Workout Freak:

Love to have that chocolaty morning, than you must be an adventurous, daring, yet sophisticated personality. Especially those husky heroes who simply can’t live without their daily work out regime, and freshen up with a sip of that cold chocolate milk. And when one loves chocolate, well they usually are the ones who get most of the attention in the crowd.

Strawberry – Social & Bubbly:

Are you social, with that mode of bubbly feeling having that friendly personality? Being in the group of friends that are most social on the campus, up to date and a bolt of energy when it comes to fun and activities, whether fashion or fad; then you’re surely a strawberry person! People with a strawberry personality loves to drink strawberry flavored milk, plus they know how to carry themselves in the crowd.

Pista Zafran – Travel Partner:

Confident, pure hearted and energetic souls could not be better known than with the revitalizing colour of green, clearly depicting the fresh flavor of pista zafran. Loved by those effortless individuals who are always on the run to travel, without any hue of what other are saying – their opinion or criticism. They wanna travel and no one can change that passion they hold within, beyond borders, amongst various cultures and trends.

Banana – Artisitc Dwell:

That cultural dwell of art and traditions couldn’t be more well defines than with banana flavored milk, just having to get that work done. The world is your canvas to draw at, no matter who says what, or what they think, as long as the show goes on in the best of both worlds!

And the best part is that all these exciting flavours can be found in Dayfresh flavored milk. A box full of energy and positivity, that brings out the true talents and skill in you, which is what makes you cool and an inspiration for more.

No, Dayfresh milk is not that health effecting, energy boosting fizzy drinks, but a buzz which not only keeps you healthy but distinctive according to the personality you hold and carry with attitude! Dayfreshers are not irresponsible or wild at adventures, but rather stay focused on what they want to do and how they want to do it, thus enhance their true personality, and following their pursuits.

So, kick start your day with scrumptious Dayfresh flavored milk, and be the best at your game because no one can do it better than you!

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