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Let’s not make rain a curse!

According to the weather predictions, it is going to rain Friday on wards but are we ready to take the risk and not prepare ourselves prior? We always prepare ourselves beforehand so let’s go through some easy ways we can protect ourselves and maintain safe through the expected heavy rainfall which is going to happen soon.

There are always precautions for everything, to save ourselves from fire, to save ourselves from anxiety or even scorching sun so why not rain? We all love rain, but let’s keep in mind the negative aspects of it too which can be dangerous for us on different levels.

Getting out of your homes knowing it’s going to rain anytime soon is a very bad idea and going out without keeping yourself equipped to avoid any misfortunes is something you should never opt for. To keep us secure, we need to avoid going out on days when the rain is predicted, we need to make sure that all our important plans related to job or business needs to be completed before hand or postponed for a better time when everything is fine. Going near billboards, electric poles, under constructed buildings, puddles or overflowing gutters needs to be strictly avoided at all times as these are the most dangerous areas which has also caused a huge amount of deaths in mere past. Make sure you have an umbrella with you if you leave home for any occurred emergency. Keep yourself stocked with all the basic necessities because there are chances that kiryana stores and supermarkets might be closed due to heavy rain and blockage or roads.

Hope you follow as mentioned away to value yourself and your life above enjoyment in rain as nothing is more important than staying healthy, fit and alive. Yes, we want to enjoy the rain but we also want to keep ourselves protected, safe and alive. Don’t we?


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