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lets take a min and talk about Elite season two!!

To be honest my mind is completely blown, have no words Elite have me freaking out after watching season 2.

Because what just happened, since Diego Avalos, the director of Netflix Originals in Spanish, made the announcement during a press conference on August 29, it’s clear that season 3 will be bigger and better.

I am still processing the changes Like can we talk about Nadia ? Samuel being a detective ? Nairobi part 2 and Valerio ???

And If you haven’t watched season 2 yet, please don’t read this because major spoilers are on your way. As with everything that happens in the big and crazy world of Elite, there are some pretty shocking scenes in the show that has the we are freaking out over what happened.

Season 2 of the show premiered on September 6 and deals with the aftermath of Marina’s death while also introducing us to a whole new set of cast members. Given that the tag line for season 2 is “Lies tie us together. Lies tear us apart,” we can only imagine what direction season 3 will go in.

So lets just talk about what happened in season two, Samuel is finding out who actually killed Marina and if anyone else was involved. His gut tells him that Carla was involved, we all know Carla  was dating Christian, right? Well, in the beginning of season 2, we see he gets hit by a car and is left in critical condition. Carla’s dad swoops in and offers to send Christian to get surgery in Switzerland, which leads her to believe he was the one behind the hit and run. Yup christian is out of the story for now.

Believe it or not but with the help of Guzmán, Samuel comes up with a plan to fake his own disappearance. Samuel tried telling Guzmán that he believed Polo killed Marina and had help from Carla and Christian covering it up. Guzmán finally comes around and tells Samuel he believes him so the two come up with a plan that will push Carla to the point of confessing everything she knows.

Polo confesses to Ander that he is the killer. That leads Ander to give him an ultimatum: “either tell Guzmán or I will.” While Ander is struggling with whether or not to tell Guzmán himself, Ander convinces Polo to use some of his trust fund to pay for Nano’s bail since he’s in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Nano is released and decides it’s best for him to leave everything behind and run away.

After Samuel tells Guzmán he’s sure it was Polo that killed Marina, Guzmán asks Ander if it’s true. Instead of telling his BFF what he knows, Ander decides to keep Polo’s secret and lie to Guzmán, which ultimately leads to the end of their friendship.

But right when everything comes out and Polo gets arrested, things took a bad turn yes another suspense and cause to watch season three. In the last scene, Polo walks back into Las Encinas in his school uniform. Because the police can’t find the murder weapon, they let him go so there’s still no justice for Marina’s murder.

Now that everyone knows that he’s the killer, we wouldn’t be surprised if season 3 explores how the students particularly Guzmán and Samuel will attempt to bring Polo to justice.

Let just hope we get to see season three sooner or at get a trailer. And if you haven’t watched Elite yet go and stream it on Netflix now.

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