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Mansha Pasha slams a well-known Pakistani fairness cream brand for misusing her picture

Mansha Pasha, a well known Pakistani actress expressed her anger towards a Pakistani fairness cream brand; Faiza beauty cream for misusing Mansha Pasha’s picture in the brochure for their latest campaign to promote their product without her permission.

She took this matter to her Instagram account and stated:

What is wrong with people? For the record I haven’t done any fairness cream campaigns, I don’t believe in it. This is not an endorsed campaign I haven’t done it. It’s a used picture.

She further expressed her anger for fairness products and said certain things make a big difference on TV.

And why do people keep obsessing over color?? Yes, I used to be darker, I’m still tan but light, camera, and angles make a huge difference!

She further added that people need to stop relating beauty with skin color, every person is beautiful in its own way.

People grow people change. Stop obsessing guys! Dark, tan, fair it’s all beautiful in its own way! It’s your thinking that’s all!


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