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Mathira is back on screen and sporty as ever!

Mathira is at her best once again! Back with a bang, Josh smoothly swept us off our feet, by introducing their brand new variant, Josh Extra Lube. It’s extra-lubrication feature is one to highlight which doesn’t stop the fun and keeps going on and on and on…..don’t believe us? Watch the TVC and lubricate your doubts away!

The ad begins with Mathira having a good time with her husband watching cricket in the living room and we can sense the ‘playful’ vibes being radiated (matlab tu sumjh he giay hoonge). In different moments during the match, taking the tag line a little too literally; “Ab Josh main aatay jao”, Mathira and her significant other’s Josh is triggered and off they go to enjoy a mini bed-room series of their own. Errr, the powerplay lasted longer than the foreplay?!?!?? This fun is interrupted by the kebab mein haddi who decides to join the match, though at least this way we got to know Mathira’s match target “dus!”, well we get it Mathira jee, we get it….

It’s about time we openly aware and share the secret weapon behind all this josh and that is their ‘Extra Lube’ feature! Which lets you enjoy your intimate moments over and over again in a one-time experience, hence creating the Play-Act-Repeat moment


Their packaging hits the core of that playful feel with that orange tinge, looking as the perfect condom packet for the season…but HOWEVER if you look at it closely… and I mean really closely, removing the rust off your brain and lubricate it real smart, may be you can make something of the protruding ray on the pack? Or is it just us who need to lubricate ours for some much-needed cleansing? Because we see it clearly or did we just outsmart ourselves? Caught a glitch we weren’t supposed to?

Nonetheless, the recent product launch of Josh Extra Lube has surely given all couples that perfect solutions for a fun filled lifestyle, enjoying their special moments over and over again in a one-time experience. With all humour aside, let’s hope Josh achieves what it sets out to target, breaking the condom usage taboo and reinforcing the family planning concept to normalize it leading us all towards a safer future.

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