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Meet Umer Shehzad, a Pakistani graphic designer who just gave “Nikkahnama” a new look

Umar Shahzad is a senior visual designer at Fusion Design Group in Markham, Ontario. He comes from a group of srtists, and he’s dependably been enthused about the subject on giving an artistic flair to the most commonplace of things throughout our life.

For his sister’s marriage, he chose that there was no chance he could release her with a generally (and boringly) planned nikahnama. He instantly set out to make it special for her.

Mr. Shahzad first reached the significant religious expert first – his mosque’s Imam – for essential data. In the wake of ensuring he had gotten everything down, he asked his sister, a calligrapher, to outline in Arabic the names of herself and her better half in a round emblem.

Whatever is left of the outline was not uncovered to her until her big day — and it’s the most excellent thing.

Here are the pictures of the nikkahnama:

As soon as Mr. Shahzad shared the photographs of this dazzlingly planned nikahnama on his Instagram and Facebook, he was overwhelmed at the reaction he received from people.

Presently, an extensive number of individuals have been requesting that he plan their own particular marriage contracts and some have even asked him to “re-do” the ones they as of now have!

Umar has been glad to go along and has said that he has for a long while been itching to raise quality and gratefulness for outline in Pakistan and the Muslim people group.

Some have gotten some information about the lawful legitimacy of the authentications he outlines. He clarifies that they’re not quite the same as marriage contracts in North America with the exception of that they’re not on plain white paper. In that unique circumstance, they’re as authentic as could be.

Umar Shahzad said that he couldn’t represent the necessities in whatever is left of the world, however in any event this would fill in as a rich souvenir for one’s wedding.

His own particular Nikahnama was plain, or in his own particular words undefined from an “old newsprint paper”.

He says:

“Marriage is such a special milestone in one’s life. We spend so much time, effort and money on so many different aspects – from dresses to hair and makeup, stage decorations and food.

The one aspect that’s always overlooked is the document at the heart of the ceremony. My goal for this was to create something that my sister would be proud to frame and display on her wall.”

Umar Shahzad studied visual depiction at Sheridan College and York University. Following his energy for the craftsmanship, Umar has been attempting to enhance non-benefit and independent companies through outline in the Muslim people group.

He at present works at Fusion Design Group as a senior visual planner and lives in Markham with his better half and two youngsters.

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