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Mehram – A Tale of Lost Love!

By: Neha Nadir

“Ever since then love knows not it’s deepness and distance until the hour of disconnection.”

MEHRAM A Tale Of Lost Love, a film directed & written by Hamza Maya. It is a Dark Drama, Love Tale is about a journey of a village girl who leaves her home for the sake of her lover who lives in a different city.

“Scaring the audience is easy. We’ve Sound Effects. Hardest is to horrify the viewer with the atmosphere/properties that are familiar to them.”

Mehram is a short film we all can relate to.  The world we live in, does not believe in live, and let live. In fact, it puts all of its focus towards manipulating lives of whoever it can, especially women. It demonstrates opposite sides of affection, the two limits, both dim, both tragic, however on various shafts.

Hamza Maya is known for his uncompromising devotion to quality and is firmly committed to the development and progression of a loyal film culture in Pakistan. He believes that the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  As a director he believes that “Being a director is a very difficult job we have to create a world but we cannot live in it all the time. Hamza Maya  co-launched a small film, television and video production company named THE WISE OWL FILMS.


“Without a vision, your school lacks direction.”

Since the film director depends on the successful cooperation of many different creative individuals with possibly strongly contradicting artistic ideals and visions, he or she also needs to possess conflict resolution skills. however, the range of the director’s tasks is quite broad, and involves coordinating innumerable creative activities during the course of developing, shooting, completing, and marketing a film. It shall be assumed here that the director is the individual who actively supervises the realization of a film from shooting script to finished product, harmoniously coordinating the creative activities of the key personnel involved with the production processes.

Hamza Maya, an independent filmmaker, started his career in 2015. He is studying Media Science and film at IQRA University, Karachi. Still undergraduate, Since 2015 he has been engaged in the Pakistan film Industry and television industry as a writer, director and editor..

In 2018, Hamza Maya  was selected as part of IQRA University Film Festival Program as a Director’. MEHRAM , the resulting short film, is a dark drama about a girl trying to escape her home for the sake of her lover who lives in a different city.

In 2019, Mehram received four the best short film, best direction, best sound and best actor awards at the 5th Karachi IQRA Film Festival and received 5 awards at BNU Film Festival 2019. The categories are Best Director, Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Actress awards. The Film is also the first one to be shortlisted in SSFC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and is available to stream at Starzplay by Cinepax.

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