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Mehwish Hayat speaks up in support of Hania Aamir

Hania Amir and her skin has been talk of the twin recently. It all started when Hania posted unedited photos of herself as she shared her struggle with acne and how the skin issues can lead to a lot of insecurities. She enunciated that no one is perfect and showed an unseen side of hers to her fans.


Owing to the situation Yasir Hussain tried to mock her with his inappropriate joke but Mahira Khan backed up Hania Aamir. To add to the drama Mehwish Hayat has now come out with the same message as Hania showing her support towards Hania.

The message of not being perfect is OK  Is something that needs to be engraved in our youth.  Girls need to know that being perfect and flawless is not important, it’s the purity of the heart and much more. Body shaming has become a very common phenomena thus leading to depression in the younger generation.

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