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Men are more attracted to women who have these traits
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Men are more attracted to women who have these traits

No matter how big or small the world gets, one thing that never leaves these small minds is whether this personality trait be more attractive or not. And so our lives becomes a story for others to judge, but hold on a second, attracting the opposite is actually the reason behind living, no??? Well, that’s for you to decide, what I have here are those traits that actually attract men towards women and believe me, some even I had a hard time digesting!

1. Hip to Butt Ratio

Men LOVE females with a 7:10 hourglass ratio, as it indicates they are full blown women. Over the decades, curves have become much more typical.


2. High-Pitched Voice

Subconsciously, a higher pitched voice shows a woman’s young age and slim body, rather than a hoarser tone.


3. Amazing Hair

Men find females with long and healthy hair sexier than any other style. Guess they like something to grip!

Portrait of the beautiful nice woman with red long ringlets hair

4. Great Smile

Smiling warms the soul, and if you can make him giggle while displaying your pearly whites then you’re doing it right!


5. Go Natural

When you cake on the makeup, he feels like he’s courting a real-life clown. Going natural and showing your self-assurance is the most eye-catching thing you can do. It’s ok to show your true self!


6. Wearing Red

Red is the colour of passion, and both women and men are more fascinated to folks who wear it!


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