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After #Metoo campaign, men also raise their voices as #Wetoo!

As we all have been hearing different stories from women facing harassment and they all called this a #Metoo campaign for raising their voices against it without fear. Men are not staying back at this too they started raising their voice against sexual harassment that they faced and call it #Wetoo campaign.

Pakistani model Mujahid Rasool took to Instagram and shared screenshots of his conversation with a designer, revealing the real picture of the media industry.

Mujahid Rasool exposed conversation of the designer asking for inappropriate picture of the model for getting favors. Mujahid mentioned that he had been struggling in media field for a long time and in the end all he gets to face is this which makes him bound.

The model said : “Why I have to go through all this to match my talent? Why I have to fulfil someone’s immoral conditions to get that work that I deserve? Why a black sheep should say to me if I will not fulfil their filthy demands then I can’t be successful in this media industry? Why I have to shout on myself and my passion after struggling for seven to eight years in this industry and listening these bullshits? Why there is no streamline organizations recognizing and sustaining fresh talents? If there are, then why would they hire such bastards to do these most important jobs?”

This guy is surely breaking rules in the media industry and he is exposing the reality without any fear believing that his struggles do not require short cuts.

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