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Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed just released a new single

Momina Mustehsan is back with another duet and this time it’s with Bilal Saeed. The two have just released new Punjabi single ‘Baari’ and it’s got some old-Lahore vibes.

Watch the video here:

The song is about creating doorways for love to enter one’s life where high walls have been constructed.

Bilal and Momina play a young couple… except you’re not sure whether they’re a couple or not. Bilal is visiting from abroad on his winter break and is waiting to catch a glimpse of Momina as she passes by on her way to college with her friends.

‘Baari’ follows ‘Hamesha’ with Uzair Jaswal, also a mellow, soft track with a complicated storyline.

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