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Movies to watch if you’re a fan of foreign films

Foreign cinema is not widely discussed. We are blessed with a lot of great films since way back. The hint of understanding and perception is very prominent in foreign films. Every year, a lot of great foreign language films are made from around the world.

Sunday’s Illness – Spanish

A story reveals a mother-daughter relationship when a daughter comes with the strangest request to her mother, to spend 10 days with her. So these 10 days are displayed in a touching, beautiful and a very precise way. All the performances are excellent. A film made by Ramon Salazar.

Roma – Mexican 

This film is by Alfonso Cuaron. Roma contains a great sense of storytelling in mexico city followed by catchy sequence of grief and terror. Moreover, it interprets typical life in a remarkable manner that how two women who are associated with different social and financial backgrounds. And they try hard to stick together in the midst of emotional uncertainty, political uproar and misfortune of life.

My Happy Family – Georgian 

This film is about a woman who is rising towards independence and cutting ties with social expectations. As she leaves her husband and multi generational home behind to start a new life. Although the film did not get praise as it should have. Although it was a small film and a collaboration between two directors.

Shoplifters – Japanese 

This film by Hirokazu Kore-eda is a family drama. The family contains low wages jobs so they live their lives by shoplifting as their son is caught shoplifting, the film reveals what it’s like to be a family. Further, performances in the film are realistic. It is a classic with a hint of immense humanity in it and tells us about the japanese society.

He even has your eyes – French 

This film shows the irrationality of racism and very few films have done this. Film by Lucian Jean batitste is a French comedy film about a black couple living in Paris. So as they try to adopt a child, an absurdity occurs when everyone thinks that adoptive parents should be white.

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