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Movies to watch to arouse your wanderlust!

Sometimes it happens when you watch a movie and you dream about traveling. You get to know about all the places in the world where you want to go. You watch a movie you and start searching for all the places and add it your bucket list. For traveling you have to get out of your comfort zone. These films can inspire you to get up and travel.


This film is about a young woman who just lost her mother and is trying to cope with her death. She decides to settle her distorted life and put her life back together. Having no experience of traveling alone before, Cheryl Strayed takes her heavy backpack and go alone for hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

The Bucket list

Two strangers (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) fighting cancer in a hospital decides to turn their life around when they make a bucket list and starts traveling in different parts of the world and talks about life. A very heartwarming movie which will inspire you travel. This movie teaches us it is never too late for what you want to do in life. 

Into the Wild

Based on true events, a story of a young man who abandoned his career and city life behind to travel and discover the meaning of life. Even though he was a top student and an athlete. He embarks on a journey to live in the wilderness to live there. He travels across the beautiful landscapes of Alaska. It is a kind of film which can live with you forever.

The Way

A heartening story of a father whose son went on a trip to Camino de Santiago trail in France but died on a trip. The father goes to France to collect the body of his estranged son. He decides to embark on a journey himself and travels to understand himself and his son.

Encounters at the End of the World 

This is an incredible documentary with the beautiful landscapes of Antarctica. Werner Herzog, the filmmaker of this documentary travels to discover wildlife and wonders of nature where he meets unique people of Antarctica.

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