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Nadia Jamil is now cancer free and an inspiration for all of us!

Celebrities inspire us in many ways. Whatever they do in their real life, what they post on social media, leave a impact on our lives.

If we talk about inspirations, Nadia Jamil is one of the people who has inspired us and motivated us in a different way. She was battling with cancer since a long time but due to her will power and motivation, she has now defeat the cancer and ALHUMDULLILAH she is doing well!

We’ve seen her posting about her recovery on social media and her posts has always given us the real meaning of life.

Yesterday, she posted a cutest picture with her mother and shared the good news with everyone that she is now cancer free! We pray that she will get well soon ♥️

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Guess who came to visit me today!! Maaaa! @nusciejamil I was pining a cuddle and there she was. My miracle. It's been absolutely amazingly radical building my friendship and relationship with her. She was like a spring breeze today. Solitary confinement ended for a bit :)) Alhamdolillah Update is all well. White cells still low but that's to be expected and they are climbing up. Sugar high but not mad high.. I'm on the mend. The next few months will be about rehabilitating my body while trying to make sure my teen stays on top of his schedule. When Ma goes, keeping the flat sorted and doing chores will be an interesting challenge. Pace yourself Nadia. Pace yourself. Lying here so many scripts & stories have been writing them selves out. Slowly, patiently, need to work on them. Tell them. This time with myself has been important. I've always known what an incredible gift life is, but now I know what an incredible gift I am, health is, Faith is. Team work. Back soon to a work where I can lie in the grass and smile at the sky. Where I can watch a caterpillars long slow journey down a blade of lush green grass. A world of sunlight, bursting the sky into golden through its blues and silver greys. A world of trees! Yaaay! A world where I can go back to being the voice I want to be, pursuing the rights of vunerable children. Working for them. So much to do…so much… Puppies will frolic, teens ask for more food, TV dramas run, sugar free ice cream be eaten and snuggles commence. There will hustle bustle. There will be the wonderful silence of solitude, and just being with my heart beat, with breathing and soft sensations. There will be our love and friendship.. What a beautiful beautiful world. Yaaaay! #cancerfree wooohooo! MashaAllah #diabetes #sugarfreejoy #iloveyou #now rocks!

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