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5 Shows To Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now!

Summer break is soon getting over for everyone!

Its time that you make most out of the time that is left. But the question is how should one do that? Yup, you should definitely binge-watch all the shows on Netflix that we used to love at one time.

Confused about which shows to binge-watch? Don’t worry! We have a list for you to choose from:

The Vampire Diaries

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If you did not love this show when it came out, what are you even doing? The Salvatore brother duo was worth drooling over. You also get to watch the beautiful Nina Dobrev who has stunned us with her acting. Binge-watching a vampire-werewolves show for a whole day? WORTH IT!

Gossip Girl

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Who doesn’t love gossip? The glamorous world of Blair and Serena will make you want to go for shopping instantly. A show about lies, friends, family, and relationships – you should really go for this.

Jane The virgin

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If you’re someone who cannot live without drama then don’t waste your summers anymore. Open your Netflix and watch all the seasons of Jane The Virgin right now. It will make you cry and laugh at the same time.


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A show where there is no hero? WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. We have seen avengers and supergirl. Heroes are mainstream. Why not watch a show about a serial killer?


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This was predictable. One show that is on everyone’s list. Didn’t watch it all summer? It’s okay. You still have the last days left. Make the most out of it by watching this wonderful show!

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