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Never Wanted To Be A Son

By: Sidra Khan

In this world, mostly people claim that they are broad minded and they know the value of education, love, equality and ethics. They try their best to create harmony in every path of their life regardless with whom they are.

We all want to be treated equally whether we are at school, college, office or even at home. Being a human, we all know what our worth is. We like, when people admire and praise us, no matter what the cause is.

Every relation in our life has its own charm and influence. But we don’t realize it. Parents are the one, who teach us from the very beginning of our life that how to think and behave with others. Whatever, they teach at an early age, will have a great impact on their kids.

Today, I’m going to talk about the discrimination that a girl faces, because of their parents’ perceptions. Majority of people feel proud to be a parent of a son as compared to a daughter. They think that girls are weak and can’t bear those situations easily which a boy can do.They even create this paradigm that, It’s a tough and almost impossible task for a girl, to have an independent life.

I know kids are precious and equally important for their parents. But there’s a difference in knowing and implementing. There are times, when parents appreciate their daughters by saying ” she’s not my daughter, but a son”, “My brave son”, “I know, you’ll fulfill my dreams just like a son”, Why is that? Why people compliment their daughters in this way? Can’t we appreciate our kids without doing a comparison? Is it necessary to compare your daughter with a son?

I’m not against boys neither I’m in favor of girls, I’m just asking to have a believe in your kid without getting bias. Nobody likes to be compared all the time. No one likes to be someone else, when they know who they are and what their value is. There’s nothing wrong in scolding your children. But to say, ” I wish, you were my son” is completely unfair to your daughter.

Parenting is an art, which majority lacks. Me and you, need to clear our vision and start grooming our kids in a healthy environment. Teach your daughter to be brave and bold, not like your son, but like a soldier, who can be a boy or a girl. Don’t tell your son that his sister is weak or just because he has a sister, she can’t join him in his favorite game or toys or he needs to look for someone else to join him. Don’t create a negative image of your daughter infront of your son. Stop using terms like fragile, weak or sensitive to describe her qualities.

Motivate your kids to compete with each other to become a good human, not to proof their identity as a son or a daughter. If you’re doing this already, then I really want to stop for a second to appreciate you from the core of my heart, because It’s certainly something difficult to be done.

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