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New iPhone 11 Pro Max is making you sick.

In famous jailbreaker Jay Freeman has been suffering from motion sickness when using the Camera app on his iPhone 11 Pro Max. And he thinks it’s all down to how much slower the preview is.

Freeman went about testing his theory by using multiple iPhones to capture a running timer on yet another iPhone. As that timer ran, he noticed that the timer was delayed when seen through the iPhones viewfinder. You’d expect that, but the difference between how far the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro Max delayed things appears to be causing the motion sickness.

As Freeman points out, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is anything up to 66ms slower than the iPhone XS which itself delays the feed by around 100ms. As it turns out, that’s just enough to bring on motion sickness.

It’s important to note that the iPhone 11 Pro Max was running iOS 13 and the iPhone XS was running iOS 12.4, so it isn’t clear whether this is down to the newer hardware of something software-related. Freeman did test multiple cameras, too.

This is the first time we’ve heard of an iPhone causing motion sickness in this way, but users of DSLR cameras have complained of similar things using electronic viewfinders in the past. The cause is believed to be the delay between what your eyes are seeing and your ears are hearing, but we’re not doctors. We’ve never played one on TV, either.



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