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The new Islamabad airport is rumoured to be haunted!

The new Islamabad International Airport was made operational from 3rd May 2018. People had eagerly been waiting for this as it was a big thing for Pakistan also because it is the country’s biggest international airport for its frequency of landing and the number of passenger handling services being located 30 km away from central Islamabad, for which the construction work started in April 2017.

In these 2 months, people have noticed and sensed things that are unusual. Many people are now coming up and sharing their own experiences and incidents that have recently occurred.  A source revealed,  “The airport has a heavy sort of energy that people don’t feel comfortable late at night and even during the construction of the airport, the labors used to face a lot of difficulties as they would feel pressure on their chests which is one of the reasons why the construction got delayed. Recently, a lot of guards fainted when they experienced paranormal activity.”



Another person shared an incident “Once the plane was about to take off, the pilot saw some kids playing on the runway, he informed the control tower and as soon as they arrived, the kids disappeared.” It is also being said that the airport has been made on a graveyard which is why people feel the presence of spirits.

While we do appreciate the fact that this is a massive project, it can even be a life changing experience for some people. How true do you think these stories are? Share your own opinions and experience with us!

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