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This news anchor’s protest against Zainab’s murder has raised many questions

Since the incident of Zainab took place everyone is grieving over the loss of an innocent soul. People are protesting, celebrities are all on the roads protesting and asking for justice!

Yesterday, Samaa Tv anchor, Kiran Naz became the talk of the town when while sitting on the show she brought her daughter with her. The host made a point about how the incident impacted her as a mother by bringing her own daughter on the show.


Kiran Started The Bulletin By Saying: “Today I’m not your host Kiran Naz. I’m a mother and that is why I’m sitting here with my daughter”

She further lashed out at the police, “The truth is that the girl does not need your justice. She will get justice by her God on judgement day when she questions her death and asks her fault.”

There were many people who felt that this was by far the most heartening gesture:


However, there are are some people who slammed her.

Everyone have their own way of portraying their love, anger, concern. People should realise this and instead of bashing and slamming should atleast appreciate the efforts a person is doing. What do you think about Kiran’s way of protesting.

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