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Nick and Priyanka are ready to make their relationship official and we are more excited than them

Is it just me or can I hear “Dil waley Dulhaniya Lay jaeyngay” songs in the background?

We can’t possibly get over the first engagement party picture of Nick and Priyanka! This couple has defied all odds and made it to India for their ultimate engagement party. Priyanka was also seen finally flaunting her diamond engagement ring that grabbed the attention of all the paparazzi out there which made everything official.

Priyanka is hosting Nick’s family for a small traditional ceremony that will take place at her residence which will be followed with a star studded party later in the evening. Nick along with his family arrived in India a couple of days ago to accompany Priyanka and her family for the special ceremony.

The couple was also seen having a romantic date night before all the chaos of an engagement party. Priyanka did not hide her diamond engagement ring this time which for sure the attention of all the paparazzi out there.

We will be able to see a lot of ace celebrities at their engagement party like Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas and Manish Malhotra! Lets see how the day unfolds…

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