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Paco Rabbanne unveils new fragrances which make you want to ‘spritz’

Set against the burning desert heat and hostile terrain, Invictus and Olympéa venture into a new land alone and against them all. At their heels a wild convoy, looking for trouble. Hitting up the engine, Invictus accelerates, as joined by his Amazonian counterpart, and together they take the victory: Paco Rabanne introduces a new dynamic duo to its signature Invictus and Olympéa fragrances with the new Invictus Legend, and Olympéa Legend.

Invictus Legend

 A fragrance created by Domitille Michalon-Bertier (IFF) in collaboration with Nicholas Beaulieu, Invictus Legend is a balance of cool woodland and amber marine-wood, with notes of honey mead and spices, surrounded by a woody, spicy intensity.

Olympéa Legend

The Olympéa Legend strikes a balance between freshness and sensuality.  It takes a spin from its original formula with fresh, green notes of desert palm flower, becoming a deliciously wholesome fragrance, with the fruity accents of salty plum.

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