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Pakistan ka Plus season 2.0 – Cholistan unlocked!

In our last blog, as we wrote that there are many places in Pakistan which are yet to be discovered, this time around Pakistan Ka Plus Season 2.0 has taken yet another initiative to explore the unknown and explicit places of Pakistan.

The second episode of Pakistan Ka Plus Season 2.0 showcases a very different location, the beautiful desert of Cholistan. The place is already famous for its rich culture but nobody in the past has portrayed it as we witnessed it in the second episode. There’s a perception about deserts that they are dry and have slow life but after watching the documentary it was clear that Cholistan is full of colors and art. Their own created music and folk songs are quite a treat to listen, which makes the place even livelier. Most of the people did not know about the absolutely beautiful Derawar fort of Cholistan, which has significance in the history.

After watching the second episode, we got to know that Pakistan has a versatile beauty, not just popular because of northern areas but the other side of Pakistan is also strikingly beautiful. Thanks to Zeera Plus and their initiative of Pakistan ka Plus, we got to witness the rich culture and beauty of Cholistan.

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