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Pakistani artist ‘Khalil Chishtee’ making waves in Brooklyn with his versatility!

Khalil Chistee is  a Pakistani artist. He is becoming quite a sensation among art lovers in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his artist wife Ruby Chistee. Both are graduates of Lahore’s National College of Arts.

Chistee’s body of work speaks for his versatility. He is a painter, calligrapher and a figurative sculptor all rolled into one.

An artist from Pakistan going by the name of Khalil Chishtee is gaining popularity among art lovers in Brooklyn, New York. He resides there with his wife Ruby Chishtee, who is also an artist.

Both of them graduated from National College of Arts in Lahore.

‘’What I mean is that everyone who comes to power pretends to be a savior, but ends up further damaging  the country’s moral fabric’’ – he said

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