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This Pakistani author's novel gets international recognition by being translated into Italian
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This Pakistani author’s novel gets international recognition by being translated into Italian

We rarely see people of one field infusing themselves into Arts and sorts as the way to connect to life or to explore their inner talent, but Senior Superintendent of Police – SSP Omar Shahid Hamid – is the living, breathing testament of the talent encrusted in Pakistanis.

Belonging to the Counter Terrorism Department of Sindh Police Unit, Omar Shahid is the only Pakistani police officer who has ventured into writing and completely nailed it.

Just recently his third inspiring book “The Party Worker” was launched. And, on the same day, his second book “The Spinners Tale” was also awarded with the ‘Italy reads Pakistan’ prize by Metropoli d’Asia. The great news is that his book is currently being translated into Italian to increase the understandibility of the readers around the world.

The Spinners Tale was first published in 2015. The main characters of the book include; Ausi, driven from Omar Saeed Sheikh, and Omar Abbasi inspired by Sindh’s well-known police officer Sanaullah Abbasi.

The Spinners Tale can easily be considered as Pakistan’s unofficial guide on why the youth of Pakistan is so rigorously rooting towards terrorism.

Nonetheless, we wish Omar Shahid Hamid tons of heartfelt congratulations for getting the international recognition. There is no doubt that he has made us proud of his talent, apart from being an honourable and dedicated police officer.

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