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Pakistan’s first environment-friendly food festival will change the way you fest!

The use of plastic is ever increasing in Pakistan and poses a serious threat to freshwater and marine life. As the population rises, so does the amount of garbage that people produce. For a better lifestyle people need effortlessly disposable products, such as soda cans or bottles of water. We have become a disposable state and nation; however, it is a bitter reality that the hoarding of these products has led to increasing amounts of plastic pollution in Pakistan.

The festival, ReFest, aims to the slogan “Eat.Reduce.Recycle.” It’s  objective leads to reduce food waste and raise awareness about eating food in a responsible way as well as adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives such as reduced use of single-use plastics. WWF believes that if food is produced more sustainably, distributed fairly and consumed with more responsibility, humans and planetary health can be improved. It also emphasizes that by changing consumption patterns and providing access to nutritious food for all, all forms of malnutrition can be tackled as well. The basic aim of the festival is to spread awareness about the cause and educate people to live a life in a healthier way; the theme enunciates the importance of Wild life and green living.  As per WWF, festivals were one of the reasons of over littering because of massive use of single use plastic in food and stuff.

However, the food fest is not only cause related but organized to give a treat to all Karachiites. Loaded with over 100 food stalls and much entertainment, the event is ready to serve the  crowd with mouth watering and finger licking food, surely good for the tummy. But that’s not all! No fest is complete without a concert and so again, ReFest is here to bring light to the city once again with different artists performing live all three days.

In order to discourage single-use plastics and promote sustainable food consumption, WWF-Pakistan is organizing the country’s first environmental-friendly food festival in the city. This three-day event will be open for general public at Beach View Park, Clifton from Friday, 5 April to Sunday 7 April, 4 pm to 11 pm.

Keeping in mind, its basic aim and mission to stop pollution, WWF has specially imported reusable eco-friendly cutlery from China which will be used in the festival so that there is no more wastage. At this one of its kind event there will be display of handmade environment friendly art made from trash, interesting no? The organizing team and WWF have made special partnerships with the waste management and recycling departments of the city to make this cause based and eco-friendly food fest a treat to remember.

This remarkable event is a must visit, just book your tickets here or get them on ground for only PKR 350/-. So don’t miss out and come around to enjoy one of the most fun and environmental friendly food fest ever!

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