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Paranormal activity detected in spooky abandoned hospital

A horrifying footage was recorded by a paramedic in Bedfordshire showing a ‘paranormal activity’ taking place at Bedford South Wing Hospital’s former psychiatric wing.

The video showed a door mysteriously opening and closing, later, it closed hardly with a loud bag after opening a wide gap with a squeaking noise, UK’s Mirror reported.

The paramedic, Hannah Southern, also noticed a suspicious ghost-like figure in a window.

According to the report, Hannah, who was waiting on-call, decided to investigate with a fellow paramedic and headed towards the former mental wing of the hospital.

As she approached the stairs that led to the ward, the door began to open and close with no visible assistance.

It continued for about a minute as Hannah stood in the corner and filmed the moment quietly.

According to a noticed posted by NHS in 2017, the Weller Wing here it was filmed has long been recognised as an unsuitable environment for providing inpatient mental health care.

A spokesman said: “The hospital will retain the site for [National Health Service] NHS use and has been considering different options. These have included using areas of it to host hospital services and leasing it to other NHS providers.”

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