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Pashto singer take social media to speak out against biasness of music company sponsorships!


The young artists and folk singers, who are familiar with use of modern digital gadgets, have launched Facebook pages and private YouTube channels to market their talent and fetch handsome money.

No music company was available to sponsor their projects during Eid and now social media is their last hope.

Almost all the noted Pashto singers have released trailers of their solo performances on their private YouTube channels as not a single full-fledged audio or video album was being released on Eidul Fitr this time around because no music company was available to sponsor any such project.

Therefore, social media was the first and last hope of many young artists and singers across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Anchor persons of private radio and TV channels and even popular Pashto poets have started airing their contents on the social media.


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