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Peshawar to host its first international film
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Peshawar to host its first international film

Peshawar – The city that has suffered the most crucial and devastating decade of terrorism and extreme violence is all set to make its own debut and take part in releasing its first ever international movie. The news came about from the word of the film-maker, who said with a hopeful sign as security improves throughout the city.

T capital of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Peshawar was a target of militancy and unrest violence, but their is always light after a dark night and so the city will soon roll out the red carpet for “Project Peshawar”, which will be released in the US, UK, Canada and Holland.

“The film… revolves around a London-based character who falls in love with a girl from Peshawar through the internet and travels there only to discover that it was a mere trap to kidnap him,” said Irshu Bangash, the film’s director.

The filming of the movie took place in Peshawar, UK and also Canada. It will be released across countries around the world in English, Dutch, Urdu and Pashto, which is the mother tongue of people in Peshawar and Pashtun tribes living in the mountainous border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Director Bangash has said that the Red Carpet event of the movie will be held in Peshawar ahead of the film’s release, which he said would be in the next two months.

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