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Poet of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ in search of help

The independence celebration is being completed with the background music of national songs and the first thing that clicks your mind is iconic national song Dil Dil Pakistan – the poetic lyrics of which we all remember by heart – but did we ever give a thought about who wrote such powerful lyrics? Sadly, we did not.

The singers of the song Junaid Jamshed and director Shoaib Mansoor gained immense popularity and it made their band reach the heights of fame across the globe but unfortunately, the poet of the legendary song, Nisar Nasik, did not even get his due share of recognition and suffers miserable living conditions in the outskirts of Rawalpindi.

The needy lyricist is reportedly losing his eyesight and memory but he still remembers each and every word of the song by heart. This shows how deep-rooted his love for Pakistan is.

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