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Police arresting TikTokers now?

In a video uploaded on TikTok, a man from Peshawar was disguised as a policeman, having all the necessary weapons, uniform and a fake identity too. Though he says that he was only pretending for a TikTok video, he was still arrested due to not abiding by the laws and having something he did not have the license too. The police still kept a lot of things confidential, so we do not really know the exact details..

The Chinese Application, TikTok was banned in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) because of consecutively posting indecent content and promoting cheap acts and violating laws of the country. It also came into notice that TikTok started to take over children mindset and ruin their conduct of behaviour and lifestyle. After reaching a pile of complaints, PTA finally decided to put a ban across this application. However, after a handsome amount of criticism on the decision and a lot of loathe for the government, the voice of heartbreaks which came through children then the government removed the ban from Pakistan on October 19 and TikTok came into use all over again. Hope it follows the laws and does not promote cheap content anymore…We only hope!

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