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Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone, whose photoshoot deserves a round of applause!

We were curious to know as to who would emerge as the winner in this photoshoot battle between two gorgeous ladies Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. We personally adored Priyanka for putting her brave foot forward, more than Deepika, but its the viewers opinion that really matters, and they have answered, it was Priyanka Chopra, who emerged as the ultimate winner. There have been umpteen competitions between these two gorgeous ladies so far but Priyanka wins this round hands down!

Priyanka Chopra, won this battle with a record 52 per cent votes while Deepika could garner 48 per cent. Yes, we agree there is not really a huge difference between the votes they received and the results were nail biting at one point but Priyanka won it ultimately. Her bold futuristic photoshoot was successful in over-shadowing the sassy one by Deepika, but we saw it coming. DP played it too safe with her pictures while Priyanka was game for anything. We adore the actresses who are ready for some new challenges everyday rather than keeping it simple most of the times.

since both the fashionistas are looking insanely hot and equally desirable. While Deepika’s photoshoot was a bit conventional, PeeCee’s falls under the unconventional category. And if you guys actually observe, it is Priyanka Chopra who went a step ahead and tried to attempt something which was never done by her in the past. Her ‘future’ inspired pictures with weird hairdos and bold make up helped her stand out and come across as someone who is fearless and bold. Deepika, on the other hand, played it extremely safe. We loved her swag and attitude in those pictures but it lacked novelty. Guess she hates the idea of experimenting herself. Because with a body as hot as hers and looks as killer as those, she can manage to do wonders but alas!

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