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Pump yourself up with “Dhak Dhak Goal”

Peek Freans Chocolicious recently released a catchy football anthem Dhak Dhak Goal during the ongoing FIFA World Cup – not only has it managed to perfectly depict the football’s vast fan following in Pakistan but also its tune has successfully caught enough attention of the viewers. It has been creating waves since its release, having crossed 8 million views within one week. That pretty much sums up the story itself.

Suitably overblown and pompous, Dhak Dhak Goal is a proper football anthem – the blend of its tune and lyrics is like no other previously heard anthems had in any sport. Its uniqueness makes it stand out.

This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of belongingness to the beautiful sport as well as flamboyance of the crazy youth of Pakistan for football. The energetic tune of the anthem creates an intense, powerful and driving sound that is required in the making of a catchy anthem.

Its lyrics and melody make a passing reference to the enthusiasm, passion and devotion for the sport on the streets of Pakistan along with its video aptly capturing the diversity found in audience; showcasing different age groups and genders in its eye catching video.

Dhak Dhak Goal managed to highlight the fire and spirit of the football obsessed nation. Unlike any other mainstream sports anthem – it’s loud, but not enough to annoy those unfamiliar with the sport, it’s rather captivating and energetic – just enough to make you want to give it a listen again.

Listen to the full song here:

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