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Saba Qamar spills the beans about her and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Saba Qamar has finally revealed the truth about her and Hamza Abbasi controversy she clearly stated:

” Hamza is a very good friend he called me before his wedding and told me about it but I could not go because I was busy”

Saba cleared all confusion and eventually killed the rumors about her and Hamza Abbasi that have been circulating since a long time.

Saba also revealed that she had no issues with Mahira and loved performing in “Super Star”.

“I loved her dancing in Superstar she is doing great, I will watch superstar for sure.”

“If I made a joke as a reply to her jab that for sure, doesn’t make me her enemy.”

Talking to Momin Ali Munshi on his show, she also said, our dramas cater masses and it is a huge medium the way we are making dramas, the film requires a lot of time to reach there. I work in TV meanwhile, I have been now offered something I was waiting for so long and now I am up for a movie too because I wanted something better than previous.

She also expressed, if Mahira and her were to work in a project together it would for sure be a “Super Hit”

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