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Sadat Bashir finally came out to speak about the allegations made against him!

A preposterous incident was led with science students of Bahria College on 24th May 2018, as 80 young ladies who went for their practicals were physically attacked by their invigilator. And thus a lot of people on social media including actors raised voice on it and I assume it a really good part from our side. While everybody was posting against this act, Sadat Bashir did not give his comments since the incident happened.

Yesterday, the inspector Sadat Bashir, in an ongoing video message has prevented all charges from claiming lewd behavior made against him by these understudies.

Sadat made a video where he just specified the pressure he had from the schools on giving students full marks on their practicals, he didn’t acknowledge or deny any assertions, nor did he talk about them. Have a look below:

I wish his words could justify him in any way. But bad luck Sadat Bashir you should always remember what you have done and I am sure now you know the power of Social media so next time when you even think of doing anything like this you will know the consequences yourself.

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