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Saturday Night Rituals!!

It is impossible that its a Saturday night and there isn’t a heated debate on where to go? We are always so confused as to where should we dine out. Karachi has a number of good places but deciding on one particular place at that time is a task!!

Here are the top 4 places that are my go-to!

  1. Xanders

It is a very cute, cozy place for literally anyone. Whether be it lunch with your girls or a dinner with your family. The ambiance, the food, everything, hands down the best place to go to make your meal and day a whole lot better!

2. Easy

Who runs the world? Girls!! Yes, this is what is carved on their reception counter! Easy is all pink and cute, perfect place for an evening get together with your girlfriends. Also, if you haven’t tried their doughnuts and rose lemonade, trust me you’re missing out!!

3. Swing

Do you want to go to a place where you could get the perfect Instagram picture, then Swing is your answer! It is all flowers and pink and by its name, they actually have swings inside for people to sit and eat! Sounds amazing right? Food, ambiance, and Instagram pictures!! What else are you looking for?




  1. Espresso

In the mood for coffee and chilling with your friends, espresso is the hub. It is definitely a place where you can chill out with your friend, having deep conservations, and enjoy your time. If you cant think of anywhere to go, Espresso is the place for you!


I hope this helps you decide where to go with your girls on a lunch or even a dinner date, works for all!




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