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Harper Collins reveals the release details of Shahid Afridi's biography
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Harper Collins reveals the release details of Shahid Afridi’s biography

Shahid Afridi, Pakistani cricket legend, will be coming up with his autobiography written by the journalist Wajahat S Khan, next year. The book intends to focus on the insides of the cricket world through the eyes of the former Pakistani team captain and one-time fastest century record holder.

“Shahid Afridi: An Autobiography”- is going to give readers a glance on Afridi’s take on politics, his passion for cricket, the controversies he had to go through; and obviously, stunning the world with a record-breaking century in 37 balls just at the age of 16 years.

Harper Collins India has the exclusive rights for the book which is intended to release in 2017. Afridi, in his statement about the book, said;

“In all my years of cricket, I’ve given hundreds of interviews and done dozens of TV shows, but what you will read in my memoir are the stories and thoughts I’ve never shared openly. I have a lot to say: about my confidence, my fears, my adversaries, my ambitions, my goals and failures.”

“In the book, I’ve opened up about my rivalries and my alliances, particularly those with India, as well as my infatuation with the military and my take on politics. It was a tall order to get myself ready to do this, but I’m proud to join hands with a fine storyteller and journalist like Wajahat bhai. I’m also thankful to my publishers for giving me the space to be myself.

Harper Collins India’s publisher is excited about the book and assures that the autobiography would do justice to the legendary cricket career and the ever-green life of Shahid Afridi.

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