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Shocking: The struggles faced by the people of Thar in the 21st century

We have all come across various articles and documentaries depicting the face of Tharparkar, the drought conditions and struggling lifestyle of the residents. But never, could we have imagined it until our very close friend gave a visit to the region himself and returned back with nothing less than the aim to spread and aware people of the dying situation of the people there – in hope to find people for help and support.

Harris Sheikh, went for an official visit to Thar a few days back  and here’s a few clicks he captured to make the trip memorable but in ways we did not expect;


With his story updates on the visit, here is what he had to say on his return to Karachi:

The situation at the region is simply beyond words, and one can never realise it until he/she actually come around visiting the place. We therefore, raise voice with Harris for every reader to take a step forward and work for the betterment of the people out there – who are dire need of our help and support.

Contact us at fhmpakistan@hotmail.com if you have any supporting plan or campaign, and the team of FHM Pakistan will make way to anything for the sake of these people  – their better livelihood!

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