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Some people you are better off without

Sometimes we get caught in complicated situations. We burden ourselves with people around that only have negative energy to feed. We often realize it but find it hard to accept that it’s time for them to leave. We justify holding onto them by saying it’s not that bad.

No matter how hard it is to let go of someone, you once shared so much with, it’s important to remind ourselves that its even harder to let them stay. It’s okay to cry and miss them but whats not okay is beating yourself up for it. Nobody deserves to be surrounded by people who make them feel helpless, emotionally drained, inferior or judged.

Nobody says cutting ties is going to be easy. Making that decision takes courage. You feel almost every emotion possible when walking away from them even when you know it’s for the best.

A part of growing is leaving behind what is holding you back. It’s not fun But it’s often necessary.

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