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Soneri Bank’s Independence Day Campaign has definitely won our hearts

As the spirit of freedom is upon us, we witnessed several Azaadi campaigns celebrating the 71st independence day of Pakistan. Amongst many campaigns, one that hit our emotional strings was that of Soneri Bank.

Soneri Bank’s campaign #RoshanHarQadam #LetsEnlighten, promoted the idea of teaching unaware one’s to sign their names. Highlighting the fact that a signature is a basic banking need of an individual which serves as his/her identity for the bank is definitely a unique idea on its own.

The tagline “RoshanHarQadam,” focuses on one of the key aspects of modern banking and Soneri Bank has taken a small step (Qadam) to contribute for a prosperous (Roshan) tomorrow for Pakistan.

“Let’s Enlighten – Teach How to Sign” on Facebook and Twitter asking participants to lend a hand for a good cause. The campaign was to encourage and teach those who do not know how to sign or write. The idea was very easy; the only requirement to participate was to teach someone to sign their own name and share the relevant pictures in the comments for a chance to win a Hamper from Soneri Bank.

The response was heart whelming, it was amazing to see the flood of tweets and Facebook posts with cute signatures, this campaign in a subtle yet effective way helped those who needed attention.

Pakistan’s literacy rate has declined from 60 percent to 58 percent, as revealed by the economic survey of Pakistan. We as a nation need to stick together and take an extra step towards making Pakistan a literate State. Soneri Bank has taken a step, so let’s join in and not let the chain break. Let’s chant for a literate Pakistan.

For those who have participated in the campaign and waiting for the result, keep your fingers crossed but remember you are winners in the hearts of those whom you have given the freedom and privilege to sign.

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