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Stab victim Khadija Siddiqui graduates from University of London

Human rights activist Khadija Siddiqui has graduated from the prestigious University of London on Tuesday. Khadija who was stabbed by a class fellow 23 times has graduated with a degree in law.

Khadija Siddiqui shared the graduation news on Twitter on Wednesday (yesterday):

People started pouring wishes for the brave girl including many well-known personalities congratulated Khadija on her achievement.:

In May 2016, Khadija Siddiqi was stabbed over two dozen times on a busy Lahore Street as she collected her six-year-old sister Sofia Siddiqui from school.

She was attacked by her class fellow Shah Hussain who didn’t like the fact that Khadija Siddiqi refused to acknowledge his moves and stopped talking. Later she was blackmailed and threatened by the perpetrator but she ignored it thinking it would soon pass.

Little did she know that he driven by so-called honor and revenge, slashed her multiple times in an attempt to kill her, another stab was also given to her younger sister when she yelled in pain trying to save her elder sister from repeated being stabbed.

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