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The canceled one season shows we still miss

It’s so hard to say goodbye, especially after you’ve only just fallen in love.  Sometimes, a TV show only needs a few episodes to grab our attention, even if it didn’t grab the attention of enough people for a network to hold onto it, and while we’ve forgotten many, many of the shows that were canceled after just one season, there are a few that we’ll always remember.

We can’t predict the future of course, but at the moment, we’re mourning the recent losses of Whiskey Cavalier and Abby’s, which was only just canceled by NBC on Thursday.


This show just ended in May 2019, but not only did ABC cancel this delightful 2019 spy dramedy starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, but for a second, the network reconsidered the cancellation, then canceled it anyway. That made it way, way worse.  But of course, it wasn’t the first show to go too soon, and it won’t be the last.


We still think about this 2014 series created by Emily Kapnek and starring Karen Gillan and John Cho on a regular, almost daily, basis. It actually hurts us to think of how it died, with half its episodes still unaired, left to be watched on Hulu.


In this 2013 ABC show, Malin Akerman starred as a woman who married a middle aged lawyer (Bradley Whitford) and then had to deal with his two ex-wives and his crazy family and honestly, it was delightful in every way. Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins played the ex-wives, and Natalie Morales was there as the BFF. Albert Tsai became a star and gave us BERTWHEELS! Was it the title that turned people off? Get past the title, people!


Jason Isaacs played a detective who, after a car accident, lived in one world where his son died in the accident and one where his wife died. It was dark, fascinating, and remains one of our favorite pilots of all time. NBC unfortunately canceled in 2012.


Bet you forgot that David E. Kelley created this little gem, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams as advertising execs. The show was canceled three months before Williams death in August 2014 so it’s hard to even think about a second season, but we’ll never forget Kelly Clarkson in that pilot coming up with a new McDonald’s jingle.

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