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things to do before 2016 ends
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Things to do before 2016 ends

When the year starts we all think that there are 12 months before this year comes to an end and trust me we waste our time by neglecting our small little wishes, we seldom realize that the time is running and by the end of the year we remain the same as we were in the beginning. Before setting up a New Year resolution, we all take some time out for ourselves. So here are few things which are a must do before 2016 ends.

Spend a night under the stars

For once get out of the city’s filthy air and smoke and spend some time under the clear sky. Gather your non-fussy friends, who are as adventurous as you are. Stand in the tent, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone and no junk food. Trust me this is going to be the best time of your life.

Visit a beach or Hill station

For a person living by the beach is a blessing itself. So before the year ends, stop complaining and visit the beach, sit back and relax!

Throw a house party

Ask yourself- how long had it been that all of your friends sat together and had a heart to heart conversation?  It’s better late than never, invite your friends on a Saturday night, cook for them, drink and enjoy!

Learn a new hobby

We all wanted to learn something different, right? Either go and learn a new language or engage yourself in sports, gym, yoga or even a short course- this is how you will make new friends too.

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