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Things every media student can relate to

Living in a Pakistani society and being a media student at the same is not an easy thing. Choosing a career that you want to pursue is hard but society and relatives makes it even more tough. You are asked a lot of questions about your career. The most irritating thing is when they start to make judgemental comments about your career. The things people ask and do can be pretty exaggerating.

That exasperating moment, when someone asks, “kia karti ho?”

And you actually start to tell them what you do, not because you want to, only because your parents give you that stern glare. You explain what it is and what you do, and when you finish, you see blank faces staring at you. Because they did not understand what you said and start make their own assumptions.

Parhai ki stress toh nahi hoti hogi?”

When they think that your studies are a walk in the park and apparently start telling the stories of their innocent children who spends sleepless nights because they are doing medicine. Isn’t it great?

You become a photographer in all the weddings

When you go to a wedding and all the aunties come to you and say, “Ab toh photography karti ho, meri ek picture toh lo”. And that one photograph becomes fifty as they keep including their whole family.

When people ask you about movies and shows

As a media student, you are supposed to know about movies and shows. But when someone asks about a particular movie and you say that you haven’t watched it, they are like “how come you have not watched it, you’re a media student”. That eye roll moment.

“Parhai ke badh kia job karogi?”

When you are still trying to discover what majors to take in university and then people start asking these questions, so you just sit there thinking about your skills.

The comparison aunties do between you and their “hardworking children”

Our society loves to compare. Since you are not a doctor or an engineer, you are below average. They ask what your gpa or percentage is and then starts to praise their children by this dialouge “mere betay ka toh A grade aya tha”.

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